Search for a Lead Male Actor of Color in an independent film:

Candidate should be able to fit comfortably in the age range of 40 - 50, should have the appearance of someone who has aged well and has remained physically fit. The role of Eddie in the film demands an actor with strong dialogue skills. The character Eddie has been on the DL all his life, despite the fact he has only ever loved one person, Brian since he was a teenager, he has made life choices to hide his sexual orientation. Eddie's choices play out over a 20 year period, spinning a web of lies and deceit, that leads his son Ray to suicide.

If you are interested in auditioning for the role, or want more information, please send an email with your headshot and resume along with contact information to [email protected]

Two current projects are, The Four of Us (Working Title) - Film Project 


A Birthday Wish - Play

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In this place, I call out to my father’s, father’s, father’s father


I call out my mother’s, mother’s mother’s, mother


Let the spirits of all my ancestors bless me in this place now


Their histories are written forever in my soul


Let their joys and pains be the foundation on which I stand


I honor all those who have come before and those who shall come after. Telling stories. Sharing histories.


Stories of love and spirit. Stories of joy and of loss. Just as my ancestors have passed their stories to me, today I pass my stories to you. My truth, my spirit,and my love.